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About us

Company Background

Sea Source is the brand name which Anglo North Irish Fish Producers Organisation (ANIFPO) work under, alongside Anglo North Irish Offshore Energy Service (ANIOES).

ANIFPO was established in 1984 as a member organisation to help manage the quotas for 50 fishing vessels, based on the three main fishing ports within Northern Ireland. Quota management is one important part of the company’s remit – the main aim of Sea Source as a Producer Organisation being to seek a fair deal for members, minimising the cost of quota whilst maximising the value of the landed catch.  All quotas are owned by the members.

In 2007 ANIFPO made the decision to expand the company, to introduce a fish sales division, charged with the selling and promoting of its members products. This then once again expanded to provide a processing plant, in order to expand the supply chain which is available to its members. This allows in effect the members of ANIFPO to catch, sell and process their own fish or shellfish under the name of Sea Source, with the aim to reduce costs and maximise the financial return to the local fishermen.

The membership, who are largely based in the fishing ports of Annalong, Ardglass, Kilkeel and Portavogie on the Co. Down coast are supported by a professional and friendly team of Sea Source employees who ensure the needs of members are met.

Management went on to identify further opportunities within the offshore energy sector, which included the supply of charter vessels to this sector for a range of different services. In 2011 Anglo North Irish Offshore Energy Services Ltd (ANIOES) was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of ANIFPO, to deal with the opportunities within the offshore energy sector.  

ANIOES has under taken a number of various contracts which has included the deployment of 11 vessels on the EWIP cable between Wales and Ireland in 2011 – 2013. Contracts for DONG (Danish Oil and Natural Gas) and other international companies free up fishing opportunities for those vessels unable to partake in offshore energy work.  Fishing remains central to the membership of Sea Source and they ensure that all offshore work is carried out in a way that does not damage their core business.  

Why are we different?

We recognise the importance of the building long term relationship with our customers and our approach to providing quality service for efficiency and the range of services we can offer. Our management team have many years of experience in the offshore service industry and will make it a priority to understand your requirements.

The Sea Source brand is based on integrity and commitment to relationships with our customers, offering solutions and meeting their needs.  Sea Source is committed to promoting sustainable fishing methods and is involved in a variety of projects including the Sea Fish Industry Authority’s Responsible Fishing Scheme and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for Northern Ireland’s catches pelagic (herring and mackerel) species. Sea Source members harvest a range of top quality seafood from the waters around the UK and Ireland ranging from mackerel, herring and other oily fish landed by the biggest trawlers in the Northern Ireland fleet; through lobster and crab from small inshore potting vessels; to langoustines or Dublin Bay Prawns, the mainstay catch of the Northern Irish fishing industry, which is landed alongside a range of whitefish such as haddock by trawlers based in Co. Down’s fishing ports. 

When looking at our management and staff turnover rate, it is very easy to see how low it is. This is due to the fact that Sea Source employees live within the community which helps to ensure long term and successful relationships are developed with both the employees and the customers.

Sea Source also helps members access funding through the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) and from summer 2015, through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). Grants are available for individual fisherman to modernise their vessels as well as for processing and aquaculture businesses to expand and modernise. EFF funding for “measures of common interest” has also been exploited by Sea Source through the Kilkeel Collaborative Network which represents many businesses around the harbour including fishermen, electricians, boat builders, plumbers, engineers and others who stand to gain from the new business opportunities presented by offshore energy developments as well as a strong and vibrant fishing industry. The aim of the Collaborative Network is to invest in Kilkeel fishing port and ensure the infrastructure and services provided secure Kilkeel’s future as a hub for fishing and the offshore services industry in the Irish Sea basin.

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