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We at Sea Source (ANIFPO) offer a wide range of different services which help the local businesses and fishermen throught the harbour. 

Grant Applications

Grant Applications

A variety of EU and national schemes have been available to assist local fishermen to improve safety and accommodation on board their fishing vessels. Sea Source helps its members to access funding through the European Fisheries sun (EFF) and from summer 2015, through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). Grants are available for individual fishermen to modernise their vessels as well as for processing, and aquaculture businesses to expand and modernise. EFF funding "measures of common interest" has also been exploited by Sea Source through Kilkeel Collaborative Network which represents many businesses around the Harbour including fishermen, electricians, boat builders, plumbers, engineers and others who stand to gain from the new business opportunities presented by offshore energy developments as well as strong and vibrant fishing industry.   

Further information on current and future schemes is available from the ANIFPO office. Please contact us.


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