Off-Shore commercial development

The growing offshore renewable energy sector is beginning to have a positive impact on local port economies. A variety of offshore energy projects are being built as seabed sites owned by the Crown Esate become available to energy developers. Large, utilities-grade tidal generationschemes are in advanced stages of planning. Support systemsincluding survey vessels, experienced crews and onshore facilities are already in place creating new opportunities for fishing communities whose knowledge of the seas around Ireland and the UK is unparalleled.


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Sea Source Offshore Ltd offer an extensive range of services and knowledge to the offshore sector, from onshore liasion to indepth knowledge of the seabed and fishing sector.



Sea Source Offshore Ltd is a supplier member of International Marine Contractors Association which is the reconised standard for the auditing of offshore vessels. Sea Source has Loyds registered IMCA auditors to ensure standards are meet. Sea Source Offshore Ltd have just compleated the ISO's 9001, 14,001 and 18,001, and are currently waiting there endorsements.  



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Sea Source Offshore Ltd have an extensive range of vessels offering full accredited vessels and crews to carry out a range of client services and requests, all vessels are IMCA audited with a full online vessel management system to ensure transparency. 


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